For all of you that enjoy all things sweet and love to celebrate everything, I give you a warm welcome!

I created this website to help you make sweet creations for your special occasion, celebration, just because, or just for fun. You will learn that you can put something together even if you have never baked or decorated anything before. I will share what I know, what I’m still learning, and help you along the way as best I can!

Whether you are inspired by a blog post or want to try one of the tutorials, or adapt an idea, may this site be a place you smile and feel special. In addition, you will enjoy some inspiration, positivity, and fun along the way.

About me…

When I was a little girl, I really liked baking because something about it was happy. I was one of the many that received an Easy Bake Oven as a little girl for Christmas. I was so excited and also amazed at how a little light bulb can bake this mini, delicious cake.

While my siblings were watching cartoons, I would watch cooking shows and Julia Child was one of them. It was my happy place.

Growing up the “sweets” craze wasn’t like it has been for quite some time now. That or I was really ignorant of the fact that it was out there. I didn’t think much of it at the time. I didn’t realize that creating sweets or becoming a chef in pastries can be an actual profession. I believe since I didn’t show the love I really had for it, I didn’t pursue it. The norm was after finishing school was to go to work. Even then, anytime I would flip through a magazine or see a recipe or would purchase a cookbook, I would feel so excited. The holidays gave me a reason to make all kinds of baked goods for the family.

Years went by. And in 2009, all of a sudden, the baking and sweets desire began to really stir something inside me. I knew I could follow a recipe and bake something awesome. But how can I decorate beyond the can of store-bought frosting that always seems to mix itself with the crumbs of a cake? And how that same frosting was not suitable to pipe let alone from a Ziploc bag clipped on the end, it only made a sticky hot mess. LOL!

I needed to learn techniques, the how-to. You see, I am creative, however, as a creative individual, I needed the tricks of the trade to whip up a visually appealing sweet creation. Since I am not an artist by nature, it is in my head so it takes me more time to take the creativity in my mind into reality. You should see my sketches, you would think a child drew them, LOL! Kudos to those that are both creative and artsy!

Then, it just so happens that I received a catalog of adult continuing courses from a local junior college. I notice they were offering a cake decorating class. Voilà! How ironic was that! I immediately signed up. That class opened up the world of Wilton for me. I didn’t have any clue prior to that who or what Wilton was until that class (really!). And from that point on, excitement grew and I started researching classes on how to go beyond just baking and learn techniques for decorating.

I attended courses available through different resources that taught me how to achieve something more efficiently. Classes were everywhere. Either I was really out of touch or that was the beginning of the sugar phenomenon. Not only classes were popping up everywhere, but competition and reality shows on TV. I was beyond myself and would tune in. That just set more fuel and excitement.

I continued teaching myself to get better. Silly me! I should have just enrolled in pastry school! I would’ve had a better foundation and saved me a lot of time. The pastry program was at a reputable school and decorating was part of it! I can kick myself for not taking that plunge instead of just taking a couple of single courses.

Anyway, I shared with some friends what I was doing and one of them ask me to make her a cake for her mother-in-law. I was like, me? Make a cake and get paid for it. I didn’t know how to even price that, oh my! I was a beginner, I would have just done it for free! But no, she believed I could do it. I showed her a cake we did as a project in the first class I took, and she wanted the same one just in different colors. And that was the beginning of a new journey for me.

By the end of 2010, I opened up a bakeshop. Yes! That was insane, with only what I had learned in such a short time and still learning along the way. I took 2,100 square feet of space and converted it into a full-fledged bakeshop. Felt my way around how to find suppliers for my ingredients. Learned all the equipment needed to run a bakeshop. From the big appliances to the smallest tool that will help me create a sweet creation. I had never worked at a bakery prior, so I had to just figure it out. I opened my doors in three months!

I was proud of myself and my husband. I mean I was amazed at how “We just did it!” I built a business right after the impact our nation had after the devasting economic crisis in 2008. I had many that really believed in me, and others thought I was crazy. However, I didn’t want to live with, “I could of, I should of, but I didn’t!

Everything was beautiful, great, and met awesome people. BUT my business lasted shy of two years, Why? It wasn’t because the success wasn’t there for my reach or that it wasn’t waiting to happen. But I realized I had the glitz and glam, however, I was caught up in all the excitement. I was focused on the creative part of running a business and failed to understand that for a successful business in this industry, YOU NEED HELP! You need to trust others to help along the way to your success. You need to reach out to all the resources available for women-owned businesses. You CAN’T do it ALL. And if any of you reading this owns a brick and mortar business, you can identify.

My passion became a burden. I hung it up. I was devasted and totally discouraged. I had no energy to seek guidance though it was out there. I could have turned things around and made it happen. All the blood, sweat, and tears it took to put that business together and I just gave up!

My advice is never to make an important decision when you are discouraged and tired. Take some time to regain perspective before making a decision.

It took me two years to dust myself off, change my mindset, and learn from it. I began creating sweets again from home. It may have taken two years to jump back in, but when something is a part of you, you just can’t let it go!

Fast forward today…

Since then I’ve moved to a different state where sunshine and palm trees are the norms. I have settled in, learned my way around, and just got a feel for what now is my new home. And a reality check settled in when I tried making some of my creations in this climate. Oh, I felt like a beginner. I learned the invisible humidity is not my friend! I had to adjust not only due to the climate but using an electric oven as opposed to the gas. And I must say, the electric oven is not bad. Now, the electric stovetop?! I still prefer gas, HA!

A few years have gone by in this new state. I have decided to take my love for sweets another route. After doing some soul searching and thinking about what I really want to do this time around, I realized I want to teach, inspire, and motivate women from all walks of life. Though I still create sweets for a handful of clients, I want Bake It Snazzy to be reached from anywhere so you can create simple sweets regardless of where you are. I also want to encourage you to pursue your dreams, learn from life lessons, and keep it moving!

Final thoughts…

My story may not have been miraculous out of the ashes success; My story NOW begins with a new journey working towards SUCCESS…letting it unfold no matter how long it may take!