Back At IT!

Bake It Snazzy has been quietly servicing our local clients while posting our creations on social media from time to time. However, it’s time to shift gears and be proactive in our online presence because we’re officially “Back At It!”

Behind the scenes, we’re busy brainstorming new ideas to elevate the Bake It Snazzy brand and plan our course for the future. Expanding beyond our local market is our next big step. But what does that entail? Here’s the plan:

1. Enhanced Website Content: We’re revamping our website to offer more engaging content, including courses and tutorials.

2. Shipping Services: Yes, you read that right—shipping!

It’s something we’ve shied away from in the past due to having to give up control on how a customer receives our sweets. Fulfilling orders face-to-face we know clients will get their orders, but entrusting packages to the postal system can be nerve-wracking. However, after some trial shipments to friends and family, we’ve realized the potential. While there were minor hiccups in delivery times, the products arrived intact, giving me a sense of optimism.

3. National Expansion: Inspired by other bakers successfully shipping gourmet cookies nationwide, we’re ready to jump in. After researching and learning from the experiences of other fellow bakers, we’re confident in our ability to get moving and thrive in this new journey.

4. The Process: I had taste tests, had some fails, and threw out trays of cookies, but I would just try and try again with countless recipe adjustments and experiments. Even though I made my cookies so many times before, changing the size, making them in bulk, and using a different oven had its challenges. But every setback helped me stay persistent until I achieved sweet success!

What’s next? We’re gearing up for a soft launch, letting our email subscribers, and selected family and friends when it goes live. Once we receive feedback and fine-tune our processes, we’ll celebrate with an official launch. Then our cookies will be available under the “Shop” tab on our website, with shipping exclusively within the USA and Puerto Rico.

But wait, there’s more! We’re reigniting our blog with purpose! We want to bring new recipes, and insightful blog posts, and offer basic courses and tutorials.

If you are not currently part of the Bake It Snazzy family, I invite you to subscribe to our new monthly newsletter “Life & Sweets with SandraMarie.” This monthly newsletter will get you up close and personal with what we are up to. You will get all the latest updates and exclusive content delivered straight to your inbox. And you may get some emails in between when we have something special to share that can’t wait.

So, stay tuned—there’s plenty of sweetness on the horizon!


  1. SandraM~ says:

    Thank you Sis!😘

  2. Maritza Jackson says:

    Congratulations on your big come back sis !! Love you

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