Dust, Dip & Sprinkle

This is where the fun continues. Thankfully, nowadays decorating products are now more accessible. You can find them at your local craft store and even some grocery stores.

Now that you may have tried the “The Simple Butter Cookie” recipe, I want to give you some simple ideas that you can do with these cookies.

While these simple butter cookies can be enjoyed just about anytime you have a craving, you can also make this recipe for special occasions. With a little creativity, you can make them a little snazzy!

Let us “Dust”

Let’s begin with what I mean by “DUST“. You can simply take a small strainer, and gently sift some powder sugar through it. That touch of powdered sugar, dusted on to the cookie, may not seem much but will give the cookie an instant boost. And since these cookies are not too sweet, the powdered sugar will be adding just a touch of sweetness.

Let’s go a little further and “DIP!”

Before I knew about candy melts or melting chocolate, I use to used “almond bark.” I do not understand why it is called that since it is not an almond product. It is a chocolate substitute and it works great since you do not need to temper the chocolate. You would melt the almond bark as instructed, dip and that is it. I no longer use almond bark. They still sell it and you can find it in the baking aisle at your local grocery store. It should be where the baking chocolate, chocolate chips, and similar products are. It is an alternative in you do not have any other choice. It also tastes great!

I used chocolate wafers for this post. You do not need to temper them and they are very easy to use. There will be instructions on the package on how to properly melt the chocolate.

When using the microwave to melt your chocolate, please keep in mind that microwaves vary. If you accidentally burn or scorch your chocolate, you can not use it. It is always a good practice when using the microwave to melt the chocolate in increments; a few seconds at a time to reach dipping consistency. If you are using the double boiler method, you have a little more control. Either way, just pay attention when melting your chocolate. There will be whole other post on candy melts, best brands, which to avoid on so on.

For these cookies, I used Merckens Melting Wafers which I purchased on Amazon. This is my preferred choice since it has a good fluidity when melted. You can also use other melting wafers or candy melts sold at local craft stores such as Michael’s.

Let have some fun dipping. Line a pan with parchment paper. You can use the same parchment paper that you baked your cookies on. You can also use a Silpat. Once you have melted your chocolate, half dip your cookie and place it on the parchment or Silpat.

Sprinkle, Sprinkle, Sprinkle

Now, you can leave the cookies with half-dipped in the chocolate or add some fun sprinkles. If you choose to add the sprinkles, right after dipping, you would add them. Otherwise, if you let the chocolate sit for a while it would have hardened not allowing your sprinkles to stick. Once sprinkled, let them sit so the chocolate will set. Or you can place the pan in the refrigerator for about 3-5 minutes if you need them to set quicker.

Now you are ready to get even more creative.

You are having company over. You want to impress them with pretty, great-tasting cookies. Place your cookies on a pretty plate or a clean wooden board. See the wooden board I placed my cookies below. Simple board and the cookies dress it up.

Let say you want to give your children’s teacher a token of appreciation. Or you want to do simple favors for any occasion. Maybe you want to give a “just because” to your friends. You can place them in a goody bag, wrap a pretty ribbon, there you go, an instant cute gift. You can stack them or wrap individually cookies to give away.

Let’s take it up a notch. You are going to an event. Or you may be going to a family or friend’s house. You want to take a little something. Whip up your cookies, dress them up and this time, you will arrange them in a simple box. And you have a beautiful box of cookies that YOU made. You can line the box with tissue paper, crumpled parchment paper, or food-safe paper shreds. Then tie with a ribbon of your choice around the box, and voilà!

And let me tell you. When you take these pretty boxes of cookies anywhere, the question will be, almost every time, “Where did you get these?” And you will answer, “I made them.” They probably may not believe you at first. Ha! I have been baking and creating sweets for some time. The majority of people I know, know that I make sweets. AND I am still asked that question 🤔

I want to share with the world that it doesn’t have to be complicated. You can make these quickly and have fun in the process. It is a very simple cookie recipe you will find in my previous post, The Simple Butter Cookie. Then hop back over to this post for some…


I hope you have learned a bit. This is one of my beginning tutorials as a new blogger and you are a part of the beginning of my journey. You can also follow Bake It Snazzy on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.


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