It is a LEAP YEAR!

Leap year, February 29, birthday

What does that mean? Well, you can Google it and find some interesting explanations about the Gregorian calendar and the solar system so on and so forth. HOWEVER, how about if you were born on that day?


While most people know they have an actual day every year on the calendar. Those born on this day obviously don’t.

A question I get a lot is, “When do you celebrate your birthday, February 28 or March 1?” Growing up, I didn’t think about it as much. Then, I realized the answer is quite simple. I celebrate it on February 28 because I was born in February, not March!

You will have a smarty tell me that March 1st took the place of the February 29th. Those smarties are the ones that forgot to wish me a happy birthday on the 28th and use March 1st as their comeback 😂. It seems like there is no winning. So I celebrate it mostly on February 28th and keeping going into March 1st!

I have to say it is an unexplainable feeling. Only another individual born on leap year would understand. The rest of the world can not comprehend it because their birth date is on the calendar every year.

I came across a Facebook group for those born on Leap Year and it is nice to know there are others just as excited that there is a February 29th in 2020! We are looking forward to it and at the same time, you don’t want it to be over.

So it is Leap Year! If you were born on this day, CELEBRATE the best way you know how. Celebrating can be different things for people. You can celebrate with a big bash. You can celebrate at a favorite restaurant or cook a favorite dish. Hang out with friends, family, or spend a quiet day all by yourself. If you are living in a place where you do not know anyone, reach out to someone somewhere that you do know or make a friend. Or celebrating for you is helping others, being there for someone or giving back.

Let us not leave it up to others to carry the responsibility to make our day special. Yes, we may have friends, family, and heck even strangers that may want to make it a special day. But if that is not the case, YOU make it special. And if you have a child in your home born on leap day, well, yes it is in your hands…LOL. The beauty is children are just naturally happy when a birthday rolls around not thinking too much on the date. So you are good for a few years.

I end with this…

Remember, after February 29, 2020, it will be another four years for our next big day and it will be on a Thursday!🤩



  1. Sandra~M says:

    Thanks for stopping by and reading! Love it, “Leapin’ Linda! Enjoy your Leap Day =)

  2. says:

    Thanks! for promoting Leap Day and our birthday. I married when I was 5 1/2 and now I will be 18!! what fun numbers. Leapin’Linda, nothing could be finer than a 29er!!

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