Lifestyle and Sweets…Yes!

Hello, beautiful world! I hope you are having a great morning, or an awesome afternoon, maybe a relaxing evening or an eventful late night.  

WELCOME to my blog. A place where I will share my take on all things sweet, celebration and everyday life. A simple, down to earth, positive, and uplifting blog with a touch of “snazzy!” My goal is that you will feel inspired, motivated, encouraged, learn something new or help you see things from a different perspective. 

I WAS WAITING until I wrote the perfect post, take the perfect picture, create the perfect website before I published anything. Then I realized, “that is how I’ve lived most of my life, waiting for the perfect time, place, thing.” And the longer I wait, less likely I will do it, while others dive right in and I’m still on the sidelines. I am building this website and learning as I go. It may take me some time, but I will get there!

That leads me to the word “OVERTHINK”! It’s one thing to do things right and one thing to overthink things and end up doing nothing. I read somewhere, “it is better to have failed while trying than fail to try” and I believe that to be true. Overthinking because you are afraid of failure leads to putting things off. I stopped overthinking and started typing away!

I’VE BEEN BRAINSTORMING for quite some time to come up with a niche or focus on one thing. But after some soul searching, I decided to blog about two things I am passionate about; I love the world of “sweets” and want to share my take on “life” so I brought those two together. A little sugar, a little chit chat, and BOOM, the best of both worlds!

So sit back with a cup of coffee, tea, or whatever it is you enjoy and join me on this journey as I build this blog for YOU!

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