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Live on Purpose and Let your Inner Strength Shine!

I’ve lived many times with my mind all over the place and missing out on what is in front of me. Does that sound familiar?

Let me share on what I believe is to “Live on Purpose.”

When we live on purpose, we are in the present moment. We are not just existing, but taking in everything around us, working with intention and feeling a sense of accomplishment when we reach a goal.

Here is an example of when I’ve experienced being somewhere else in my mind and not in the present. Let’s see if we can relate. How many times have we gone somewhere, like work, or school, or business or shopping… and since we take the same route to where ever we are going, we can’t remember nothing we may have passed up and even remember our ride because our minds were somewhere else. My mind is running so fast that I would sometimes say to myself, “I’m here already?”

Every day we wake up to a new day. The sun, moon, stars, clouds, sky, grass, flowers, trees, rain, snow, mere beauty all around us to enjoy. We need to take a moment and breathe all the natural beauty that is before us.

Living on purpose also means to be intentional than just going through the motions. Relax and sip on that warm cup of coffee. Savoring the smell, the flavor, the warmth as you are drinking it. Rather than just sip, put it down, work on a million things, and come back to it when its already cold (then you can make iced coffee, HA!).

Your Inner Strength…

There is a strength within us that is sometimes overshadowed by unfortunate circumstances. We are all over the place, feel like we don’t have it together, fearful of the uncertainty, and worried about things that haven’t even happened.

I am here to remind you, to dig into that inner strength that you have. Take a moment to reflect, calm the mind. Surround yourself and think of those things that make you happy. Focus on one thing at a time. Take a walk, call, not text, someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. Redirect your thoughts and you will begin to feel a difference. And this is a constant thing we need to do for ourselves. The mind is very powerful, use it wisely!

This has been my own experience. I’ve had to make shifts in my thinking and life overall. Let us not take things for granted and make the best of every opportunity because tomorrow is never promised to us. I have decided to “Live on Purpose and let my Inner Strength Shine”, to be more effective and enjoy the life we have right now!


  1. SandraM~ says:

    Yes, and what you stated…”intentional”… is key. Because I can easily allow myself to lose focus, so I need to be “intentional” to live in the here and now! Thanks for taking the time to read the post😊

  2. says:

    Love this. I have become more I intentional of living in the moment, it’s so important. Thanks for the reminder to enjoy life.

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