The Beginning of a New Year!

Hello 2020…

You may still be recuperating from the busy holiday season or just smoothly glided into the new year. Are you disappointed that the season is over or relieved? That would depend on how you decided to make of the holiday season.

There’s something about our minds just knowing that the end of a year has come and the beginning of a new one. Even though it is just another day, but it just feels different. It is like an opportunity to do better, change things, or let go.

What are you up to this year? Do you make resolutions? Make changes? Set goals?

I will share my take. I do not make resolutions. Have I ever? Oh, yes, like a really long time ago. I can’t even say what it was. Maybe fitness related. Ha!

I don’t make them because it doesn’t work for me. To each his own. However, generally speaking, and I mean generally, people, the majority of resolutions made are not completed or followed through as first intended. And you know what, it is okay!

I, on the other hand, strive to make changes. Small, realistic changes. When you set yourself up to tackle something that is challenging, and you don’t have a plan in place, it can become overwhelming and chances are, it won’t be accomplished. Believe me, that was me!

When we take the time to think about what changes we would like to make, let’s think about what is most important, right now. I am sure we have so much we would like to change that if we are not careful, we can overwhelm ourselves just thinking about it, convince ourselves that it will be impossible, and then decide to forget about it! Our minds are powerful but we have the power to control it.

Let’s use an example, getting organized. I had decided to organize some areas in my home. I figured I had all of 2019 to do this. Did I finish it all? No! But I did tackle areas and felt accomplished once I did it. I may not have organized everything I wanted to but decided I was going to feel good about what I did organize. And I did it by planning before I started, and was okay with the fact that I didn’t have to do it ALL. And that mindset worked for me. Now, let my organizing continue into the new year. I am going to decide, plan, and take action!

What am I getting at? Deciding to make small goals or changes can lead to BIG accomplishments. We need to also add “focus” to the mix because we are easily distracted. That is where we exercise the power we have over our minds, to stay focused on whatever your goal

Let us look at some familiar areas of change that are common and what we can do to begin the change:

✦exercise for example, if you want to run, start by walking;

✦save money, start with what you can no matter what the amount, something saved is better than nothing saved;

✦getting organized, start with one area and finish it;

✦eating healthier, make a small change, like serving yourself less and build from there.

There are also areas in the way we have been as a person that needs some fine-tuning. Like be a nicer person, spend more time with your loved ones, remove ourselves from people that do not add value to our lives, be more giving, compassionate or loving. Whatever it may be, find ways to begin to contribute to making a change.

Whatever may drive you to accomplish your goals, go for it. Whatever is going to help you stick with it, go for it. Whatever you decide, let it be the driving force behind making changes that will steer you to a better YOU!

Happy 2020!

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