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The Breakable Heart!

Let’s have some fun making breakable hearts…hearts that you won’t mind breaking!  💔

These past holidays, “Hot Chocolate Bombs” were trending unbelievably with reason. They are a fun, sweet confection that took over social media. And it’s still going!

And it does not stop there, now is the “Chocolate Breakable Hearts.” Of course, I had to join the fun…HA!

I purchased my heart mold before it became a mission trying to find them which did happen with the sphere mold for the chocolate bombs.

Once I received the mold, I got to work!

To experiment, I used candy melts in this tutorial, unlike the hot cocoa bombs. I didn’t use candy melts with the hot cocoa bombs because I don’t think I’d like candy melts mixed in the milk for some reason. So I did use good quality chocolate that had to be tempered which can be a bit more challenging. And I also used Ghiradelli milk chocolate melting wafers that melted better, tasted great, and easily accessible.

But since these breakable hearts are a different concept, I assumed I can start by using the candy melts. However, my first attempt was with the Wilton candy melts which is the pink heart in this tutorial. The candy doesn’t melt to a good consistency so it was not a very smooth process. However, my second attempt using the Merckens melting wafers in dark chocolate in the video went a whole lot smoother.

Here is what I used. I added links to give you an idea of some of the products. Of course, if you purchased them through these links I will earn a small commission, but my primary purpose is for you to know what to purchase regardless of where you purchase them from:

  • Wilton candy melts pink or Merckens melting wafers in super white which you can use oil-based food coloring to make it any color or the Merckens dark cocoa. I purchase the 5lb bag but there are smaller bags available.
  • More candy melts or melting wafers for the drizzle
  • Vodka or Everclear (optional)
  • paramount crystals or vegetable shortening (optional only if necessary)
  • diamond heart-shaped silicone mold
  • chocolate candies of your choice
  • wooden hammer mallets
  • sprinkles of your choice
  • paper shreds or tissue paper
  • 8″ cake board
  • 9″ x 9″ x 2.5″ white window box
  • ribbon
  • tag

Prepare your mold and have it ready.

I wiped it gently with some vodka other people have used Everclear. You can skip this step if you do not have it on hand. Just be sure your mold is clean, free of any debris or especially water!

Weigh 12 oz of candy melts. This is enough to cover your mold and you will have some leftover.

Melt in the microwave starting with 30 seconds, stir, then 20 seconds, stir, then 10 seconds, stir and continue to melt for a few seconds at a time then stir until it is completely melted.

***Microwaves vary in power, be careful to add too much time or you can scorch it and it will be unusable. Stirring is very important because it will distribute the heat and melt the candy melts throughout. Only keep rewarming with less time every time only if you still have candy melts that have not melted. ***

You will notice in this picture the thickness in using Wilton candy melts. I added some paramount crystals to help get it more fluid. You can also use some vegetable shortening.

Here is a workable consistency. All the candy melts are melted and you’ll notice the paramount crystals helped.

Pour the melted candy melt into prepared heart mold.

Begin to swirl it around to cover the inside of the mold.

Gently tap it so some of the chocolate will be its way down to create a thicker layer of chocolate that will be the top when done. After a few seconds, pour some of the melted candy melt back into its container. Clean the area of the heart where you were pouring. Place the heart in the freezer for about 5 minutes.

After about five minutes, remove it from the freezer, and will look somewhat like this. Now, notice around the top edges. We need to add more melted candy melt to thicken those edges.

Re-warm the leftover candy melts if it got too cool.

Pour some into heart mold. Remember that the mold came out of the freezer and it may be cool. So when adding some of the melted candy melts it can set so you need to work a little quicker. I used a brush to add more candy melt to the edges. Then I brushed more all throughout the heart to give it a more even look even though this part won’t be seen. Then, place it in the freezer for three to five minutes.

Remove it from the freezer. And and let it sit for about a minute.

And now the moment of truth! You are going to pull back the mold gently and begin to pop out the heart from the mold. I used cloth gloves that I’ve had for some time that is for handling chocolate. It helps not get any fingerprints on your finished product. You can use any disposable gloves or just your hands. Just be sure your hands are not too warm and try not to handle the top of the heart too much to avoid fingerprints. If you are using a lot of decor on your heart then you don’t have to worry as much.

And Voila! 💝

Now let’s dress this baby up! Melt some more candy melts in any color you like. Pour into a piping bag. Make a small snip at the end of the bag and drizzle it however you’d like. Then add sprinkles of your choice.

Get a cake board and add some candies. Then gently place the chocolate heart over it.

Add your wooden mallet.

Grab some paper shreds or tissue paper and a box.

It is ready for that special someone!

And Here is More…

Okay, now let me share a short video using the Merckens dark chocolate wafers. It was my second attempt making the breakable chocolate heart and I have to say, it was easier.

Have fun making these. The possibilities are endless.



  1. SandraM~ says:

    I totally understand because I’ve had the same problem especially when I first started making these. For me, the chocolate was a bit thicker in the center; and the wooden mallet is very light, not heavy or strong enough to break it without me having to beat the daylights out of it…LOL. So I did have to be sure it wasn’t too thick. That’s why you see me brushing on the second coat of chocolate so I have a little more control. Another alternative for successful smashing is to purchase a heavier wooden mallet that has a wider and solid head. Hope this helps!

  2. Tara says:

    I tried to make this, looked awesome! However when I used my wooden pallet, it’s not smashing in the middle. It only smashes when I use a metal spoon 🙁 does anyone know the reasoning of this? The chocolate isn’t overly thick!

  3. SandraM~ says:

    Yes, strawberries would be yummy!!!

  4. says:

    I totally love this! Wouldn’t it be fun to put strawberries inside? YUM!

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